Welcome to RetroBeam Motor Sports:

Motor Sport is in our blood from an early age and when stage rallying became popular in the 70’s and 80’s little did we know it would become known as “The Golden Years of Rallying”

Back then rallying was where every manufacture wanted to be, the World Championship was hotly contested by Renault, Lancia, Saab, Fiat, Ford and Datsun to name a few.



RetroBeam is proud to bring you access to info on the world retro racing with great news, event dates and of course a fantastic range of new and used Competition Parts dedicated to the Lotus Sunbeam.

We have workshops in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.


Sunbeam Preparation

Standard shells are stripped and prepared to exact measurements and modified throughout to our Ex-Works Car.

There is always a shell in the shop undergoing preparation.

Running Gear

We build Works Specification Engines and ZF Racing Gear Box’s.

We build Standard Specification Engines and ZF Standard Gear Box’s.

All our engine builds are to the highest standards and will arrives from the dyno ready to be fit. Gearboxes are built using Gripper gear kits for competition. Good Standard gears are always available following rebuilds.